She Shed Her Neon Blood for Tokyo

The two men materialized out of vacuum, a few yards apart in the narrow, city-lit lane. For a second they stood quite still, guns directed at each other’s necks; then, recognizing each other, they deconstructed their guns into their nano-morphers and started walking briskly in the same direction. “News?” asked the taller of the two. […]

A Science of Qualia to Replace Conscience and Intuition

Conscience in Islam is defined as something that every human has been endowed with, and this makes it fair-game for Allah to judge at the end of times. Similar emphasis on conscience exists on some branches of Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism. But what is conscience? It is often described as a spontaneous moment of recognition, […]


Raspberry-candy nebulas crack. Angels gush, velvet and electric. There are no forces, only fields that glow dense like her spicy tongue in your mouth. The wicks inside burn, it hurts when they burn – black char to void. The asteroids are here for your entertainment. Break them! Break them all!

Eternal Block Time

  Event B is simultaneous with A in the green reference frame, but it occurred before in the blue frame, and will occur later in the red frame. From Wikipedia: Special relativity suggests that the concept of simultaneity is not universal: according to the relativity of simultaneity, observers in different frames of reference can have […]