Draconically Numinous

Today I didn’t wake up feeling great but definitely better than yesterday thanks to Amalie and Valentine. Amalie was very kind to offer to be my friend. I would like to be her friend even if for some reason I can no longer feel people as “just people” – creatures like myself.

Today I have to workout double since I skipped yesterday.

I’ve noticed this weird shitty little superpower that I have. I somewhat frequently predict what someone is going to say right before they say it. it feels like information traveled from the future to the present.

I didn’t finish my workout. I had a severe lack of willpower and so I just gave up during lateral raises and came back home to masturbate and shower. I kept asking, “Why? Why is this happening to me? I really want to do the workout – or rather, I really don’t want to be ugly. I want to be aesthetically pleasing.” I still think this is all some kind of punishment for my vanity. I used to blaze through my workouts, even recording them on a channel: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCzuwHaHrA7_ClPjfeiVj1yQ Now if I recorded myself you would only see me sit there for long periods of time in between sets struggling to choose to pick up the damn weights.

Thanks to Z3F on Reddit for introducing me to Frank Yang. He is pretty entertaining: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=h9mSLksZLqQ https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=M4_kJiu2RiE

I agree with him that the brain is just another perception, another hallucination. I used to be very interested in the brain when I was a physicalist. I thought all the secrets of the soul resided there. Now I think, “Yeah it doesn’t make sense. It’s an absurd tale. I can’t believe I fell for it.” I’m supposed to believe there’s a coherent mechanism in the brain for little pills fixing depression or for electric shocks to do the same.

Deepening pool of pale gold, leaking amber. Air, earth, diastole, systole, brain matter. Autumn fields and tall trees outside the lecture hall windows. Holding hands: time and eternity. Fairy tale love: invocation of blood and cum. Waking night, leaves down her throat. Chiseled limbs, kneeling and begging and believing. The truth – no man was there.

6 thoughts on “Draconically Numinous

  1. Glad to read you’re feeling a little better. I guess patience really is a virtue, maybe even the key to joy? The brain is probably worth learning about… how interested are you in electronic engineering?


    • I sort of wished that I was an electronic engineering major when I read that Jeff Bezos had majored in that. When I was younger and Carlos Slim Helu was the richest man I wanted to major in civil engineering like him. One of my fantasies was just to copy the richest man and see where that got me. But now I think that electronic engineering and writing code are inaccessible regions of the simulation. It may not even be real for all I know. I just have to engage at the GUI level so it doesn’t matter what may or may not be going on underneath. Beneath it there may be little elves pulling levers for all I know.


      • you may believe that, or just read George Boole. You can also try taking any computer apart and look for these elves.


      • What I mean by “elves pulling levers” is that there may be no fully coherent, logical, mechanistic explanation to how things work or how they are created. I tend to think that. I think the “technical details” are only there to simulate the existence of some non-divine physical process.


      • there may not be a fully logical explanation of how something works, even though there is but those coherent details are simulated? Do I understand you?
        I don’t see why that matters, the entire physical phenomena we reside in can be described as data, that data follows rules that simulates our perception. And we should always continue to expand the grid.


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