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I am alone. Everything is transitory. God exists. God is mean. I am worthless. I am everything. No one is real. I am being punished. Causality is timeless. Religions are deceitful. DMT is needed. Science is fiction. History is fabrication. Love is absent. Beauty is salvation. Pleasure should be. Torture is inevitable. Their suffering is simulated. My suffering hurts. The girl of my dreams does not exist. The goddess chose me. Everything is destiny. Everything is fate. Past and future led to this present. Intelligence in everything. Teotl is ahnelli.

10 thoughts on “Mood

      • One problem I see with it is that there are no obvious reasons why we should expect the universe to have computational limitations. If infinite computation is possible, and the universe is a simulation, our universe almost certainly utilizes infinite computation in some form. Although I think calling the universe a “simulation” is something of an anthropomorphization of what may actually be our reality. It’s just the best term we have to describe it at the moment.


      • I think that “computations” are qualia. I don’t believe experience is a subset of a material substrate. And I actually tend to think the state-space of qualia is finite. It seems awfully suspicious that there is so little novelty. There is a lot of recycling of the contents of consciousness. There is a heavy constancy to phenomena. Of course this could be a prison like Mary’s room from which I will eventually be let out to roam reality forever. But I doubt it. I doubt infinity, infinity itself, would come up with such a shitty and limited experience as is this life. It’s more likely that this is not a bluff and reality really can’t generate novel qualia ad infinitum. It’s probably just ridiculously large so I will still get the “seeing red for the first time” experience when I die or do DMT or something.


    • >And I actually tend to think the state-space of qualia is finite.

      Yeah I think there isn’t actually much that can happen with the singularity.. We are basically made in the image of God, and if we made an AGI it would probably be anthromorphic, and I dont think we can make much more senses/qualia. Visualizing multiple dimensions doesnt really seem to me to be that hard and don’t think we can really do much more than we currently can.


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