On The Power Of The Police In This Simulation

I was walking with my mom on Old Orchard mall when the police walked up to us and took me to the hospital. I now live in constant fear that this could just happen – that the police can just take away my freedom. The police are conspiring with the hospital people. In a normal, non-simulated world the police shouldn’t be able to recognize you in a crowd and know you’re not taking your medication or going to the doctor or whatever. It was as if they were expecting me. Big Brother is real and it won’t stop until I agree with its treatment plan for me. It’s that plain simple a dystopia. I live inside 1984. I already suspected history wasn’t real and I will also pay the price for knowing this inconvenient truth. It’s better if I didn’t know the truth. The Thought Police doesn’t allow certain kinds of thoughts. It doesn’t allow me to be suicidal, and I don’t know just what the level of surveillance is. This writing and thought may be immediately known and acted upon. I just wish I understood what was going on. How can I make sense of these events? The body of mankind is a single agent, an all-seeing eye? Now they just go ahead and label me a schizophrenic and call it a day. It really is that fucked up and simple. A boring dystopia, truly. They’ve got me scared to go to the lake in the middle of the night because they can imprison me in a psychiatric hospital without actually having committed a crime. The only fate truly worse than death is imprisonment in one of those psychiatric hospitals. Since I know I’m not alone, even in the middle of the night, I cannot go. I am the sanest I’ve ever been in my life and I know I’m being forced to suffer through this lie. I have incontrovertible personal evidence of the police using power I didn’t know they had. My life is mostly negative and definitely not worth living.

6 thoughts on “On The Power Of The Police In This Simulation

  1. While there’s not multiple researched causations for it there are many documentations of super recognizers which are in constant demand for the police. Rare arrangement variations in some biological visual systems and the police working with the hospital isn’t a very strong case for a material simulation, but it’s a good identification for living inside something that is in a state of pretending.
    In the sense that majority understands reality from the surrounding economy and its supposed origin of conception and the fabricated idea of its constructed laws being nature.
    The current one has a foundation of discipline and releases a majority of its excess energy through nonproductive relations travelling by multiple kinds of displays. In this discipline there is mass subjection which you are also being viewed through and get artificially solved through schizophrenic identification with followed disciplined punishment disguised as being a form of tragic long-term help.
    Your ideas are missing something crucial leaving their structure convoluted, correlating with your brain still removing unused connections and strengthening others through synaptic pruning, possibly causing or at least exacerbating your psychosis related episodes including Deleuze both literally and symbolically being dead in the space we live in since birth. At least wait for 3 years, hope to see more content you create.


  2. I wish I had any kind of reasonable or comforting arguments to help you. I’m happy to hear from you – your absence in recent months worried me. I hope you will find the strength and patience to go through this ordeal.


  3. We live in a world where it’s better to live with untreated mental illness than to seek “treatment” and risk being put on a list for the rest of your life. This is how bad things are.


  4. Alejandro, I’m sorry you’re having such a tough time. Schizophrenia and similar conditions can cause extremely intelligent people to believe completely incorrect things about their lives and the world. If you really care about truth, you need to acknowledge the possibility that you’re suffering from such a condition. Online you’ll find many people suffering from schizophrenia that talk about how feel that they’re the center of a grand conspiracy (gangstalking and such), when it’s clear to outsiders that they’re not.

    With regards to the police in your blogpost, it was probably a wellness check that your mom arranged beforehand for you because she loves you and is worried about you. In most states it’s fairly easy to have someone commited to a mental health facility for a few days for a wellness check, especially if they talk about hurting themselves.

    Have you seen the movie ‘A Beautiful Mind’ with Russell Crowe? It’s a great dramatization based on a true story about how an extremely intelligent man can be fooled by his own brain, but then overcome those delusions and keep them in check and lead a fulfilling life.

    You can do it man, I believe in you!


  5. I just want to +1 to your comments as a reader. I have only read some of your posts, mainly “physicalism implies experience never dies”, but.. wow. It’s profound. I am not used to a lot of the terminology so I bet I missed lots of its points.

    I struggle with words here but in an as unassuming and unprejudiced way possible I want to show support with a comment, no matter how meaningless it might be or seem.


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