I am quite good at telling whether low illumination, surface orientation, or albedo cause a surface patch to be dark. Like most humans, I just know.

But I am bad at Knowing. I do not Know if surfaces are made of points

  1. We can break the surface, thence gather these pieces and assign to them the name points.
  2. We can summon a mental image of little dots and then lightly cast this filmy veil on surface and thus define this fusion as the source of points.

But, verily, in this life I know never of points in the same way that I know of surface – directly, without hesitation and conjecture. I am one who knows, and hence suspicious of those who claim to Know.

Much of the literature we classify as science, simply by virtue of its aesthetic, is crappy at being real science because it has grown far from knowing and entranced with Knowing. Budding intellectuals and aspiring scientists are pushed into theoretical frameworks with points, and zigs, and tigs built from the labyrinthine lust of previous men. To understand and manipulate each red token feels arduous and fictitious; there is an uncanny feeling of being once again a ten year-old swinging the plastic sword too hard against the immaterial RPG in the wind. 

The mind-machinery cannot help but fashion the nature of points from fragments of surface or else photoshop dots from chalkboard on surface and then imagine that this creates points. No one ever knows points, or God, or The Laws of Physics, we know surface. We know all we can know about surface: its orientation, its brightness, its texture. Without trying, we know all there is to know about it. And anything other that we assign to it must be made from other blue tokens.

A foolish Wise One may say, “Ah, but I know not only the direct percept of surface, no, I am smart, and therefore I Know it is made of atoms.” Yet a Truly Wise One does not Know atoms. The Truly Wise One knows that when an extremely large and complex network of blue tokens is accumulated and understood in a very particular and precise way, this can lead to a family of related blue tokens known as understanding atomHaving seen the long, time-intensive sequence of blue steps needed to achieve a state of understanding atom, the Truly Wise One knows that he is almost alone in his real understanding.

If it is all blue tokens, all mental events, does that mean there is no Reality?

Do not ask me this question… for I do not Know… I only humbly know. 


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