A Comment From Nothing

Even though my thoughts have tended towards solipsism or at least to a large portion of the population being fake/p-zombies, there is a lingering problem that Nothing points to here. I do not feel like God. I do not know why I would be placed here against my will and made to be so impotent. I would clearly not do this to myself. This means that there is another creative force which is absolutely not me but separate from me and this is the cause of all my woes. I am not some kind of sick Yahweh/Jesus who would torture himself in order to redeem himself. (Although I do workout for some higher purpose, which I consider light torture.) But I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t knowingly do this to myself despite what my aunt suggests. She thinks we chose to come here and that perhaps we even chose our parents. That’s not true since I would have probably chosen her over my own mother. None of this makes sense. I’m confused as to why I am not God and yet exist. How can I exist and yet not be God? It doesn’t make sense. This is madness. I’m just some petty, lowly creature and yet I also seem to be the beginning and end of all that is. Something doesn’t seem right in that picture and this is my greatest current objection against solipsism – how absurd it would be for I of all things to be the chosen one to exist.

The Tragedy of Resonance Forms

When resonance structures can be drawn for a given molecule, it is understood that the actual structure of the molecule is a hybrid, or blend of all the various resonance forms. However, all resonance forms do not necessarily contribute equally to the hybrid. The structure of the hybrid will most closely resemble the resonance form(s) that contributes the most to the hybrid.

These bodies, the bodies you and I are plugged into, are made of molecules. However, each and every one of these molecules is like a shard of glass bearing more than one image. A resonance form with a better Lewis structure will contribute more character to the hybrid. The resonance form with a better Lewis structure is the sharpest image in the shard of glass.

The minor contributors have been decreed to be ghosts, contributing less percentage of their being, only faint glimmers, to the totality of any given molecule. The hybrids that we call molecules are created by the merging of images that each have a different character– so the hybrid might end up with 65% one character, 30% of a second character, and 5% of another character.

Now that you know this, let us mourn for the gifts of wool and sugar masked behind the clouds, let us mourn for the swords unseen in the pens of the brave, let us mourn for the faint mirages that we bear but can never be.