Why Other People Might Not Be Conscious

1. The problem of evil. Based on my own life which is the most real thing that I can draw conclusions from I can see that the universe isn’t completely evil. But if I am to believe that all the people in the world are real then that quickly changes. It changes the universe from a mediocre parent to a completely evil one. Because I yet have no evidence in my own life that the universe is as evil as it would be if news were real and history books were real, then I can conclude that the people suffering these atrocities are not real and it’s all some kind of cruel joke that genuinely deceived my younger self.

2. People’s abilities. Video games, films, music, books, cities, even a pair of scissors, all of these things are supposedly achieved by people “like myself.” Now that I’m 22 I have an idea of what I can do, of what my limits are. And I could never achieve the things people do on a day to day basis. This makes it hard to believe that conscious souls are riding around inside of those amazing performers. If people have some of my attributes (consciousness) but not others (uselessness) then that would be unnecessarily strange. Why would I stand out so much in that negative way? It makes more sense to think that people really are completely different from me and the reason “they” achieve so much is because it’s actually the simulation doing it.

3. Direct perception. I have directly perceived social media accounts as completely fake, as belonging to no one. This felt like a period of enlightenment. I also perceived people at the mall or at the gym as completely fake. As if they were all just actors in a simulation with no independent reality. The perception felt very real, like having attained a new insight. I won’t easily discount my direct experience.

3 thoughts on “Why Other People Might Not Be Conscious

  1. Spend thousands of hours practicing a skill and you’ll be able to make something (or help make something, if collaborating with others) that your current self would be similarly incredulous about. It’s often tricky to appreciate how much you’ve improved at something, though. So it’s good if you have some sort of data to mark your progress along the way. For example, people seeking fluency in a language often gauge their progress by referring back to a piece of media in their target language that they used to not be able to understand, or record progress videos of them speaking, etc.

    It’s also worth noting how mediocre (often downright terrible) the average creative work is. Just listen to a random song on Soundcloud on a random user’s page or read a random newly self-published book on amazon and you’ll see what I mean.


  2. To the Author:
    Your perception of the lack in others, a dutiful, purposeful drive for introspection and self-actualization while correctly interpreting empirical reality as it is; stripped of cultural meaning, stripped of confusion by bias but as it is, in its essential form requires both a high IQ and high emotional IQ. If you cannot overcome your sense of being a victim then you cannot see outside yourself to all that in its true essence is defined outside of you as context. Rather, you don’t matter to the world. It does not think about you. It is neither good or bad. It is, relative to you, eternal and separate from you. Until you stop feeling like this void owes you something, you can never understand it. This is why the NPCs exists. The cannot transcend self and witness creation outside of self as the lens. You must see through yourself if you are to see reality. This does not mean you create, define, label or deconstruct reality. It means you create, define, label and deconstruct yourself to fit in, with reality. Outside you is the construct and it has rules. What has been lost is our awe and reverence for creation itself as our teacher of rules. We are not humble before it and we pay no respect to that which created it. So, most simply do not listen and without a long history of systems and institutions in place that were built from a spiritual listening that came before – whether you feel that history was evil or not – the vast majority of people today would not survive. You might want to have your Meyers Briggs personality tested. You may have failed to understand your motivation. Not all personalities can easily find a consumer oriented productive expression for itself. Often truth is suppressed for the very reason as it conflicts with greed. I tender this quote from Upton Sinclare: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” Most people only act brave. In truth they are cowards worried about basic needs. They are paid NOT to think. Check that. They are paid not to think CORRECTLY. Imagine how many people worked for a company who knew full well the environmental damage they were doing? Millions? But what can they do? They don’t possess the power to challenge evil and so their brain represses truth. And this….corrupts the soul. Add to this lack of power disposition to an insatiable personal greed fueled by media and sex you might as well have encased the brain in concrete, because nothing countering these pressures set in opposition to each other (lack of power, lust for power) can breach that concrete wall and illuminate the NPC. All that exists is, “I am victim and the world is to blame, I need power”. It’s blind. And finally there are people who understand this and manipulate others so they can never get out of their mental box. And the trapped NPCs assist in their own confinement.


    • But I do matter to the world to some degree. For the one who claims either that the world is evil or a disinterested void there exists the problem of good. My life is too protected from harm for this all to be some accident produced by an uncaring machine. And the universe definitely owes me something. It owes me either eternal heaven or the final rest of oblivion. That is because I am consciousness. The fact that I am conscious automatically entitles me to this.


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