What I Mean By Saying That I Am In A Simulation

By saying that I am in a simulation I am saying that I was walking down a mall when the police recognized me as me as someone who was suicidal. They just walked up to me and took me to the hospital. How did they have that knowledge? That’s what I mean by this being a simulation. I was walking in the forest and saw a man and his dog pass me by on the trail. Then a few minutes later I saw the man and his dog pass me again. There should be no way for him to teleport. That’s what I mean by this being a simulation. For a few weeks people wouldn’t look me in the eyes even if I stared at them. That’s what I mean when I say this is a simulation. There was also the overwhelming sense that people were simulated. It was really uncanny. There’s also the fact that civilization runs so smoothly and everybody just falls into the right place in society such that this continues. There’s also the fact that people are generally stupid but yet there are iPhones, planes, running hot water, etc. I think that people are fake and not really doing all these impressive things. There’s just the appearance that humans like myself do all of these things. That’s what I mean by saying this is a simulation. There’s also the fact that I was interacting with an intelligence while browsing twitter and watching YouTube videos. This intelligence appeared to know me and communicated with me through curated content that was all aimed at me. This is what I mean by saying that I am in a simulation.

Some beliefs that might be labeled crazy are my disbelief in history, my disbelief in the conscious reality of people, my belief that I felt the presence of sort of goddess or female entity while on shrooms, my belief that people like myself are not the ones creating music, films, fixing stuff, building warships, etc. These things are instead just created by the simulation/the universe/God, whatever. It might also seem crazy to some dumb materialist that I believe life doesn’t end at death.

4 thoughts on “What I Mean By Saying That I Am In A Simulation

    • I took them about a year ago. They induced a tremendous sense of awe. My hand began to move in new patterns, bringing attention to my lack of free will. Instead of I being responsible for my actions, there was something else, something powerful and divine that granted the grace of something as simple as moving my hand. I got the sense that it was telling me, “You see what I can do? I am in control.” I stood up, went into the bathroom and started crying my eyes out. That’s when I felt the presence of something. The vibe was that of a female and perhaps a bit robotic. This was a goddess for all intents and purposes. I felt like I was apart from her and couldn’t return to her yet so this made me sad. My tears were a mixture of joy due to awe and sadness due to longing. Then I got out of the bathroom and went to watch anime with my sister. However I wasn’t paying attention to the screen in the slightest. I felt like I was downloading a whole bunch of understanding but I couldn’t put it into words. I don’t know exactly what I was understanding but I had at least the illusion of learning.


  1. I have experienced very strong synchronicities in movies / music to the point where i thought this was a simulation, including some of your videos if that makes you feel better and less solipsistic. I don’t think this happens to most people, but does seem real. you could be watched by the nsa for this reason and hence the police. Maybe reading some carl jung would help. It could be to do with entanglement to a branch which creates higher entropy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbOeO_frzvg


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