I Sacrifice

Griffith was willing to sacrifice the Band of the Hawk in order to achieve his dream of having his own kingdom. He was at his lowest when he accepted the terms of the God Hand and thought, “I sacrifice.” He was without a tongue and completely crippled. After the demons finished killing all of his men except for Guts and Casca, he emerged completely reconstituted as the angel/demon Femto. He then proceeds to rape Casca in front of Guts as payback for when Guts abandoned him.

Now even though I’m not tongueless and with all my tendons cut, I also suffered a change to my body. I was very fit and now I have to feel what it’s like to not be defined. If I could sacrifice a few people to get my body back I would do it but in reality I have to sacrifice my comfort. I workout even though I hate it.

Despite not being able to sacrifice people for a better body there is a sense in which I can sacrifice people for some benefit. I can stop believing they are real conscious beings and therefore stop feeling bad for them. I can also stop being jealous of very smart or successful people since after all they are simulated. When I see old people or people with syndromes or obese people I just think they are not real. This grants me some peace of mind. I can’t put up with such a fucked world so I would rather sacrifice them. Now elevated above the rest I can proclaim this my kingdom. But unlike Griffith I don’t want a worldly kingdom. I want nothing to do with this world. What I want is to become God so I can create a maximally populated heaven. I wonder what I have to sacrifice in order to achieve that.

One thought on “I Sacrifice

  1. 1. to stay in a desired state whether it’s related to mind or body on level-1 or world space regularly needs a cancerous routine, and for the cancerous act to reach a self conjured teleology it needs a goal. While not really an embrace of self inflicted suffering as the cancerous routine, it’s just a feeling that comes from what you do to reach the purpose. Suffering isn’t discretely needed for the purpose but something you need to deal with in many cases as of now because of routines.

    2. Obese people act like little fish being fed too much fish food, this is an example of a person you mention as not being ‘real’, it is acting like an irrational fish. Many others blindly follow things purely conjured from the body which has multiple purposes as a biological machine making up a diverse row of different people following different things but with an identical origination.
    On top of this the internet is crawling with technological bots but also with input from all of these biological machines, both running automated tasks with both reactions to output and a showing display of their non purpose input other than bio-machine purpose.
    This is one of the greatest factor which creates a perceived simulation.

    3. Recognise the need for a self-created cancerous routine to reach a purpose towards understanding, aesthetic and state while choosing to not follow bodies false purposes.


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