I found the band Fightstar by reading Wikipedia articles. Their album Grand Unification is inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion. Grand Unification is both a reference to the famed quest in theoretical physics and to the Human Instrumentality Project were all humans are dissolved into the same soul. This is my favorite album.

Waste A Moment references Shinji’s “I mustn’t run away” and also his strangling attempt against Asuka at the end of Instrumentality with lyrics “Just cover up your eyes so I can make sense of it all. 
You’re waking me up.
Shut your eyes so I can make sense of it all.

Sleep Well Tonight in its final lines references SEELE’s aspiration to eliminate the individual human psyches in favor of creating a perfected existence with no individual egos: “If we could take away the summit
We could climb the highest we’ve ever been to”

Mono says “I’ve started up the race
It’s something I can’t change
And now we’re not the same” This is in reference to when Shinji and Asuka materialize out of the Human Instrumentality. They are no longer the same. “I’ve started up the race,” perhaps refers to the Rebuild of Evangelion which some have theorized is a sequel to End of Evangelion in which Shinji starts up the world again.

Paint Your Target has the lyrics, “I’m running around the table,
If you want to,
Just to argue all the last scenes of us.
You can end it all” This refers to the scene around the table between Shinji and Asuka in End of Evangelion.

Songs that directly reference Evangelion in the title include Nerv/Seele, Shinji Ikari, and Unfamiliar Ceilings.

Nerv/Seele is actually told from the point of view of Asuka despite the title. It has the lyrics “How am I supposed to understand the tests that you can beat
You’re taunting me
I’m not fucking listening to you anymore
If you take this away from me now” This refers to when Shinji got higher results on the synchronization test and she began to feel her position as top pilot threatened by him. Almost the entirety of her self-worth rested on her performance as an Eva pilot so it’s not difficult to see why she was so pissed.

Shinji Ikari takes place when Shinji is trapped in the Dirac Sea caused by the shadow of the angel Leliel. He mentions how cold it is in the anime and in the lyrics, “It is cold in here
I can hide behind my breath” and referring to him thinking he was going to die, “I feel it’s over
Drop the light in here
This is goodbye

The title Unfamiliar Ceilings refers to the observation that Shinji repeatedly makes when he awakes to an unfamiliar ceiling.

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