Suffering is Real

Art like this tries to transmute depressive emotions into awe:

Space Song

While I can still write, I will use the time to remind humans of the first noble truth – the truth of suffering or base unsatisfactoriness of existence.

If you believe that the word “suffering” doesn’t point to the most crucial aspect of existence, then you and I don’t get along.

Suffering is the most real thing and it should not exist in actuality, in anticipation, or in memory.

The fact that it exists refutes the benevolence of existence. Since existence can’t be forgiven for its intrinsic insult, the state of being must be revoked.

Unfortunately, it seems that what humans call “death” doesn’t lead to cessation. If brains were ontological units, fundamentally closed and omnipresent like integers, then the conversation would be very different. But brains are entropic objects. They change, and can be split and recombined.

The brain is therefore probably not equivalent to the soul/consciousness. Consciousness is primary and from it are constructed material worlds.

Besides all my personal transformative observations of the signs, the phenomenon of synchronicity also seems to be a point in favor of mind before matter. Wallace and Darwin, Newton and Leibniz… the events in existence simply aren’t random. It’s not about taking my word for it or that of McKenna. We can believe the evidence once it happens to us in such a way that it becomes personally irrefutable.

I hypothesize that existence is of a dual nature, one side that is reproducible and one side that is not. Much of the synchronicity phenomena seems to belong to the unreproducible side of existence. Schizophrenia and psychedelics may be ways of gaining this hidden knowledge that cannot then be easily translated to the world of matter and money and sports and “history.” By its very nature the “down to Earth” world contains mostly reproducible phenomena which serve to constrain the intrinsic freedom of the mind. Dream walkers who can successfully communicate the message from beyond to the worldly are the chosen ones.

I was in the presence of someone with schizophrenia, a young man named Bobby, and I must admit that he intimidated me with his superior intelligence to the point of leaving me speechless. He understood me and even seemed to have brought me there with him through the power of his own thought. For a day I even confused him with Jesus; I was just waiting for him to say it. With his deep knowledge of me and of the world in few words, I would have believed him. Yet his speech was nonsensical and perhaps even unintelligible to the common man. Because I am caught somewhere between that world and this one, I could understand his brilliance.

We both understood synchronicity, the self-fulfilling nature of mind, and the fabrication of worlds through language.

I asked him why he didn’t let others know.

With a kind of deep wisdom in his eyes and perfect simplicity, he said “I can’t.”

He understood that it was not him who could bridge the worlds but that it was me.

4 thoughts on “Suffering is Real

  1. If enough minds (ie. human minds) were to sufficiently “believe” that what would normally be considered spiritual (for them/it) could essentially be experienced as “reproducible phenomena”, could the the outer limits of experiencing the material world be expanded? Since the two sides are really just opposite poles of the same thing – with their difference only being a matter of degree, and malleability of the divide being adjusted according to the perceptual ability of the observing (human) mind. If so, do you think humans would require the help of technology and biological augmentation in order for them to “believe” that this expansion to occur?

    I know I’m being quite vague, but I hope you get what I am trying to say. Please check this work out if you haven’t already: I’d very much like to read your comments.

    Also, what do you mean by “while I can still write” ?
    I’ve been following your work for some time now, and it has led me to understand some of the synchronicity and black swan events, I too, have observed in my personal life, and not think that I am going “crazy”. Albeit, some events were drug-induced. Day to day living seems quite unbearable at times. So thank you for putting out your thoughts


    • This is a difficult question because answering it properly requires knowledge about two things: the mechanism by which the limits of reality are expanded, and what difference, if any, can be made by “more minds” existing in that new state. And of course, there’s the problem of defining an independent mind in such a way that a set composed of discrete units can be counted.

      In my experience, it felt like something outside of my control briefly expanded what is possible, and only after attempting to assimilate the experience did the change in belief come about. I suspect that the order in which this relationship occurs cannot be reversed. One cannot believe something possible in such a way that anticipatory belief leads to the expected outcome.

      I still believe that technology is what will lead to consensus events indistinguishable from magic and not the other way around (at least mostly).

      “While I can still write” refers to my pessimism with regards to the future, both in terms of health conducive to clear writing and survival in general.

      You are probably not going crazy. What makes the experience unbearable is the inter-personal cognitive dissonance. This may never fully resolve itself. To cope with it I’ve learned to accept a greater degree of epistemic humility and to think that it is okay to have my personal evidence indicating the limits of reality, even if this information cannot be reliably replicated and presented to other people.


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