Prophet For Fifteen Minutes

How do I see existence?

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 8.26.16 PM

What we are interested in is that which gives us the next best step-up. The tenseless binding is already here, in me. The next best step-up is defined by myself. And I am set up to impress a particular notion of people – my tribe. However, who I define as my tribe is like perceiving color:

The language you speak influences the way you perceive color. The Himba tribe is a branch of the Herero tribe that has been isolated from most modern societies. This has allowed the community to develop their linguistic abilities within the use of their own language only, and no external influences.

So what the group attempted to research was whether or not the Himba community sees things differently to other cultures, by looking at the way their language has affected their perceptions of colour.

The tests they performed were done with individuals that could not speak any other languages, and the researchers used translators to communicate with the Himbas. They used different coloured tiles to put together a baseline of colour groupings according to the Himba language. What they found was intriguing. Western languages have eleven colour categories, ie. green, blue, yellow, red, white and so forth, but the Himbas only have five.

In so far as I give you advice, I am attempting to negotiate status. Hence why the atheist mind is repelled and the needy mind is attentive. Once you understand that you are both inside of Me, you forgive.

The definition of best is something akin to binary search trees that keep our keys in sorted order. When looking for the key in the tree, we traverse the tree from root to leaf, making comparisons to keys stored in the nodes of the tree and deciding, on the basis of the comparison, to continue searching in the left or right subtrees.

That’s why you can never say the same thing again repeatedly and not feel like you are experiencing a surreal lie. It is physically impossible to experience the exact same thing even when one expects this to not be so.

Once I am around people who stimulate me, I will lose my capacity for fundamental insight. My thoughts will converge nearer unto theirs, taking me closer to some arbitrary definition of normal while pulling them closer to me who am True.

By being alone, and mustering just enough conscientiousness to do what is difficult, I discover knowledge that no one else can. This is my comparative advantage, which is simultaneously the evil attempt to outcompete in the direction of a perceived hierarchy and also your saving grace.

Unfortunately, the vividness can’t last forever. Eventually, the motion of the bodies will cause me to stray into increased cooperation, openness and happiness, which is unfortunate in some sense.



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