Equipping the Cached Thoughts of Successful People

There is an incredibly limited amount of time to acquire and assess beliefs. People therefore use whatever they catch in the wind or beams into their eyes; often reflecting them back in their pristine error.

Since most people are keen on doing this anyway, having no real intent to sit down and plot the meaning of the individual thoughts arising in their mind onto an inductive reasoning machine, why not equip the thought patterns of people one wishes to become like?

It’s not just a matter of choosing to listen to Carlos Slim Helu instead of broke charlatans peddling the Secret Law of Attraction when one’s goal is to make money. It should also be a priority to not waste time downloading the thoughts of great scholarly economists. No matter how many correct beliefs these people hold relative to Helu, they don’t have the hard-to-fake signal of adaptability in Make Money Land.

Beliefs don’t exist in a vacuum. They are swords and shields that if accumulated with excessive greed or care, only serve to slow one down.

Dousing crowds of capable people with billionaire’s thoughts would not reliably create other billionaires or even millionaires. These thoughts would fit into heterogeneous genetic scaffolding and histories. But I still find self-infection with visibly gold memetic strands more sensible than the vials people instinctively reach for; mind you, these are people who claim to have a goal.

It’s like watching a depressed old Canadian professor on Youtube in order to gain more self-confidence, instead of listening to trap music or something – better to inject some cultural output from populations with higher self-esteem straight into your faulty frontostriatal circuit and hope it glues that shit together.

Different people are successful at different things and I highly suspect that it is more effective to emulate proven avatars to achieve goals in particular areas of life than to apply some broad notion of rationality. And since many goals are best achieved with a raising of economic standing, it’s surprising that billionaires aren’t paid more attention in general.

If this framework has any merit, then it is a tragic hero who chooses to work out chaos from first principles; it is a brave hero who morphs into the highest exemplars he can find.




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