If I Was Running the Simulation

def print_all_pleasures(multiverse):

while True:

positivevalencecomputation, endofpvc = get_next_target(multiverse)

 if positivevalencecomputation:

                       print  positivevalencecomputation

                       multiverse = multiverse[endofpvc:]




print_all_pleasures(‘Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 9.41.49 AM‘)

2 thoughts on “If I Was Running the Simulation

    • With Nick Bostrom’s popularization of the simulation argument, the idea of a cosmic telos seems at reach once again to save us from what many atheists have come to perceive as the apathetic void of stupid mechanics. And while the simulation argument by itself is something which I take seriously, this would not grant us some sensible telos. To ruin that potential is the fact that our universe is populated by the 4-D coordinates of Relativity’s block.  

      So the hope that maybe an advanced civilization is searching for the best experience by simulating us a bit like this,

      def find_bliss(computations, bliss):

          b = bliss

          while b != “”:

              if computations.find(b[0]) == -1:

                  return “Failure. Let’s try a different universe.”

          b = b[1:] 

      #With the quotation marks being the pre-life era following the Big Bang and post-life era when the accelerating expansion tears everything and there are no more self-aware computations to search. And each character standing for a conscious computation. 

      is an erroneous hope because there is no linear procedure. The past computations are not being removed from the search string. So there are no outside beings progressively searching the tape, because everything already happen(s)ed in the always. But, of course, it could be that the block-universe framework gleaned from the structure of Relativity is (directly) untestable for a reason.


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