Experiences are configurations of matter. In principle, we can engineer the best experience by specifying the electron flow architecture that is that experience.

For mysterious reasons, we live in a universe where the internal workings of a network of atoms are conscious unto themselves. The fact that experiences are bound to that which is manipulable, geometric, lawful – that which we call “material,” is a wonderful boon offered to us by this, otherwise demiurgic, embryonic bubble in the multiverse.

SEELE will be the most important project undertaken by the Earthly descendants of LUCA (last universal common ancestor). My mission in life is not to procreate, as the metaphorical will of my Proterozoic forefather might wish. My mission is to inspire SEELE – a conglomerate of volitional vectors instantiated in human flesh that come together and push matter towards the summit.

There is a summit of self-contained value. All experiences have a hedonic tone to them. The valence(hedonic tone) is as real, as physical, a property of a mind, as the spin direction is of a quark. The self-modeling networks that simulate the complex concept of “foot” in a non-masochist as the electrical signals from below informed them that nerves had been snipped and a toe gobbled up by the lawn-mower – did they doubt? Did Muhammad doubt the hedonic spectrum when he imbued the very ink of his Arabic calligraphy with unbelievers dragged through boiling water? –and on the other side– is the good. Good is not fundamentally relative. Good is good. History and Anthropology reveal that different cultures can promote different preferences. To the naive eye, this implies relativism. But to the learned eye, this implies that a brain has learned different tactics to mine the same gold. Bolivians fond of the Takanakuy mine the gold by punching their neighbor’s faces, a boy at a Chicago restaurant mines it by playing a game on his iPad, a mathematician at Oxford mines it by creatively discovering symmetrical relationships, an alien floating in the clouds of the Carina Nebula may mine this same positive valence in what seem like disturbing and unintelligible motions. There are different keys, but all open the same door.

Certain configurations of matter feel better than others.

Therefore, there is no real problem of relative values. There is, at bottom, the same value.

The ultimate design will feel as nothing human. From the outside, it may be a planet-sized cube.

“How boring,” thinks the human.

“How wrong is the human,” knows the inside consciousness of the cube.

To design this paradise life, clues lie in the basal ganglia’s limbic circuitry. What does it share with the happiness production in a baboon? What does it share with the happiness production in an alien, non-Carbon life form? If we should ever find the underlying explanatory theory that accounts for this, tiling spacetime with this pattern is the next and final step in the game of life.



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