Favorite Bands


The Firstborn

Shape 7

The Firstborn is a Portuguese band that does Buddhist metal. Enough said.

No but really, they capture the radical, dark beauty of both Tibetan and early Buddhism. There is, in the eastern Christ, a hard to express combination of Thanatos(death drive), with hardcore realism, and a vast network of action plans for self-administration of wireheading. At one moment the Buddha says it is better to swallow a sphere of hot iron than to lay in bed with a woman, the next, he is advocating practicing compassion for all beings. Within the framework of rebirth, there is no contradiction. His obsession with eliminating suffering is haunting and refreshingly bleak. I’ve always admired that. And this band seems to get it.



Shape 6

I know it’s weird that I’m recommending religious bands, but here goes an Evangelical Christian band: Thrice.

Their theology leads to a fucked-up-world-view. But they capture the stark sentimentality of Christianity with genuinely intelligent poetic skill.

“Your eyes resting in flame
Leaving me breathless again
Like hydrogen split on fault lines”


The Ocean


Luckily, there is a band that proselytizes the truth of evolution, and the error of heliocentrism. When I meet Richard Dawkins, I will tell him about this band.




For those who have upgraded their concerns from common-sense atheism/humanism to transhumanism.

Featuring lyrics lamenting our arbitrary human condition such as:

“I am a product of chaos and entropy; as the dusk’s kicking in, I get tired… …Reborn in a cosmic fire, will I die or return from demise? Is it already over? Am I falling apart? Out in the dark and into a fading white star.”

And the techno-optimism often fervent in these circles:

Receiving End of Sirens

Check out Between the Heart and the Synapse. Songs featuring escaping the body:

And a song lamenting our lack of free will:


This is probably my favorite band due to their album Grand Unification. This album is inspired by my favorite anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion.

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