The Multiverse’s Nest

Behold, within the cold vacuity,

Those bright blue planets cast apart !

On me the wave-discovered sight

Glowed like a pattern in dight.

I untied – seeming to survive

The room and empty white,

The Multiverse’s dwelling, which, clings almighty

My causation’s staircase, in death or life

My bond You and I

Together remembered.


She witnessed into it and seemed to reject it ;

Crying, tho’ wishing, to befriend it :

Such valence was in her, being then

A dewey Orb among forms.

The Icon of my hologram years

Was with me when a boy :

She gave me eternity, she gave me necessity ;

And oatmeal hollow, and fragile shards ;

A valence, the ocean of helpless dreams ;

And time, and space, and energy.


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