MatheMagical Fight

“In. Out. In. Out.” he mentally noted as his body attempted to breathe through nose-clogging blood. The scarlet tally mark on the pavement became more liquid with each moment, and now he had to deal with his hemo-phobia. “Light. Light. Light. Light.” so that his field of vision could court the photons and forget the concept of blood. “Damn you.” One palm marked with the imaginary, the other with the real. He clasped them. “RIEMMAN ZETA FUNCTION! I’ll obliterate all of you to infinite zeros!” A looping red orange curve illuminates a path through four dimensional spacetime and bores into their stomachs with a ripple of exciting greenish blue warmth. Then a chilly emptiness. “By Hardy, I swore this function would reverse your creation back to its origin. Where you are now, there is only an infinity of zeros.”

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